Welcome to Bubba's Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Sultan, WA. The owners, Bubba and Shelly, want you to feel right at home every time you walk through the doors. We pride ourselves on treating out of town visitors just like Sultan locals. Bubba's Roadhouse has been pouring a killer selection of traditional and craft beers, mixing up great cocktails and serving BIG FOOD for over a decade.

We invite you to raise a drink or with us and sing and dance if you are out celebrating. We know you will have a great night no matter what day of the week you stop by. Check out our EAT BIG menu - for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whatever time of day, we have all something for every taste and every appetitie!

Bring in the kids, the Roadhouse is all ages until around 9pm (sometimes a bit later, you can call to check if you are coming late), so let them enjoy the music and food too! So whether you enjoy singing karaoke, listening to LIVE MUSIC, watching your favorite team on the flat screens or just relaxing after work, you will find it all here at Bubba's Roadhouse.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: 10:00am - Last Call


(360) 793-3950

Map & Address

924 Stevens Ave, Sultan, WA 98294